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LIQUID ICE (TM) uses energetically cooling herbs to move the blood, reduce inflammation and reduce pain in the applied area.  It can be used to replace any frozen gel or ice pack in a more natural way.  LIQUID ICE (TM) is a proven centuries old formulation that will help to remove the static fluids and blood from the area, thus reducing swelling and stimulating circulation and promoting recovery.  LIQUID ICE (TM) is indispensible as a first aid liniment for horse owners.

DIRECTIONS: SHAKE WELL.  Apply to swollen area and lightly rub to help the liniment to penetrate the skin.

All ingredients are natural and free from sulfur, chlorine and aluminum phosphate.

INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, Water, Alum, Lignum Sappan Wood, Phellodendron, Prunus Mume, Turpentine Oil Rectified, Wintergreen Oil.

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