Dit Da Jow Recipe for Fast Healing Injuries

Dit Da Jow Recipe for Fast Healing Injuries
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dit da jow recipe

Many people around the world are not familiar with dit da jow recipe. It is a liniment used in China for healing injuries and bruises. The liniment comes with a blend of fourteen herbs approximately, combined together and soaked in alcoholic base for months or for years depending upon the strength required to treat injury.

dit da jow recipe

Principle of working

The theory states that when a person suffers from injury, the blood clots in the bruised area of the body part. Due to this, the energy flow in the body is disrupted in a significant way. As a result, a person suffers from pain. When you apply dit da jow liniment in the affected part, the blood clot becomes free and the usual flow of energy takes place in the body. Thus, you are relieved from pain. The dit da jow recipe works on principle based on traditional Chinese medicine.

Who should use dit da jow?

This product finds ideal place among people engaged in training and combat sessions. The dit da jow medicines were formulated by Shaolin monk herbalists for healing injury during training sessions. To your surprise, you will find that the liniment creates wonders in a single day when applied at affected parts. Therefore, quick healing is the need of the hour for those undergoing training at martial arts schools preventing from disruptions in training.

How to apply the liniment?

The best way to use the recipe is directly applying in areas of the body that are going to make contacts. Let us say, you are punching a bag. Therefore, apply the liniment to your hands 20 to 30 minutes prior to the training session. Then apply some more medicine after the training, just enough to fill your palm is sufficient. If you are kicking a bag, apply some recipe to your sheens enough to cover the contact area.

For daily use, where a person is prone to maximum injury, apply the medicine at the contact areas once in the morning and once during the night. Avoid wiping with cloth. This will allow the medicine to penetrate the skin and help healing injury.

Dit Da Jow

Dit Da Jow helps in healing all bruise injuries. This is a liniment suitable for combat sessions. The recipe penetrates deep and disperses stagnated energy. Thus, clears black and blue marks occurring during training sessions.

This bruise remedy helps in healing ligaments, tendons, tears and sprains to great extent and you are relieved from pain at fast rate.

Where to find the recipe?

You need not worry for purchase. You can buy dit da jow at at orientalherb.com. After you receive the product, store in cool place. Whenever you use it, shake well before use.

After reading this article, you will get a good idea about dit da jow recipe. Next time give a try at this quick heal recipe if you succumb to injury.

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