Employ The Best Iron Palm Technique to Toughen Your Hands for Combat Session

Employ The Best Iron Palm Technique to Toughen Your Hands for Combat Session
June 10, 2018 admin
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Iron Palm

Most of the martial art players have heard about iron palm. It helps you to deliver effective blows to your opponent in combat session. There are certain techniques to build strong palm. If you do not make your hands tough, you will receive injury during training session. Many martial art trainers lay emphasis on building tough hands for combat. It is a common phenomenon where you receive injury in hands or feet during practice sessions. If you do not attend your injury, you cannot attend higher-level sessions.

Iron Palm

Building an iron palm is not an overnight process. You have to hold your patience and with full dedication, you have to learn the techniques under the tutelage of an experienced martial art trainer. Do not be in a hurry. Improper training can damage your

  • Cartilage
  • ligaments
  • bones

Your hand must be in good shape along with maintaining the flexibility and dexterity of your fingers.

There are different ways to condition the iron palm.

You have to decide, which iron palm conditioning technique suits you the most. You should combine the training with technique and style. When your training is over, you will be in a position to deliver more crushing blows to your opponent.

Knuckle and Finger pushups

In this type of iron palm technique, you have to do knuckle and fingertip pushups on hard surfaces and hitting hard objects. The session incorporates on hitting at semi hard surface in the beginning and gradually moving on hitting at hard surface. You will find that in this training you are performing both knuckle pushups along with slapping or hitting your hand on a surface. The training starts with hitting an object like telephone book. Then you go for hitting a wood with few pieces of cardboard padding. Finally, you will just hit the wood directly by removing cardboard pads.

Hitting a padded surface in different ways

In this technique, you will be hitting a padded surface in different ways. The different types of strikes include back-fist, palm, knife-hand, ridge-hand, straight punch, fingertip and back-hand. You will find that this technique deploys progression of iron palm bags.

Also this technique features administering of palm condition recipe to protect you from receiving further injury.

100 day palm strengthening method

In this session, you will undergo a traditional 100 day palm strengthening method combined with internal iron palm and external training methods. The training teaches you about the supplies you need and gives you a training regimen to start your session.

Performing strikes with visualization

In this training, you have to visualize certain ideas or things while you are striking along with a hot water “bath” for the hands when your striking is over. It helps you to regain energy flow in your hands. Apply dit da jow during the training session in order to heal your injuries, so that you ready for successive levels.

Iron Palm – helps in condensing the chi in the bone marrow making hands powerful and stronger than before and focusing on the energy of attack.

Tie Bi Liniment  – Iron Arm liniment, the herbal ingredients cool the surface of the skin relieving swelling and redness.

Iron Fist – helps strengthen the bones in the fist

These are the iron palm techniques you should follow to toughen your hand for combat session. Learn these techniques with dedication to strengthen your hands for successive levels of martial art training.

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