Top 7 Incredible and Healthy Herbal Tea Benefits

Top 7 Incredible and Healthy Herbal Tea Benefits
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Herbal Tea Benefits

Herbal tea has a wide variety of formulations available at your disposal. The anti-oxidant properties present in it pave numerous health benefits. Let us have a meticulous look on herbal tea benefits in this section. They are available in popular flavors including peppermint, mint, chamomile, jasmine ginger and other sorts to sooth your taste buds. Here, you will read about some important benefits of herbal tea.

Herbal Tea Benefits

Prevent bad breath

Polyhenols, chemical component found in herbal tea checks the growth of bacteria causing foul breath. Beside, checking the growth of these anaerobic pathogens in your mouth, the polyphenols offer oral health benefits by suppressing the foul smelling compound that these micro-organisms produces. The polyphenols have catechins and theaflavins. Catechins are present in both black and green teas, while theaflavins is found in black tea.

Relieves joint pain

Joint pain namely rheumatoid arthritis is caused due to reactive immune system and inflammation in the body. There are many allopathic drugs treating joint pains, but they have side effects. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties reducing rheumatic pain to great extent.

Relief from Anxiety

You can feel herbal tea benefits in cases of psychological disorders like nervousness, anxiety, depression, lethargy, low energy and headaches. The benefits occur due to presence of low concentration of caffeine stimulating brain receptors for boosting energy, relieving from headache and nullifying anxiety.

Cures Nausea

Herbal tea containing mixture of ginger, red raspberry leaves, lemon balm and peppermint leaves helps from getting relief from nausea during the time of pregnancy. This tea cures morning sickness and other related symptoms of pregnancy like fatigue, sleep disorders, inflammations and irritating mood.

Treats Cold and Flu

Herbal teas are good for treating cold and flu. A concoction of ginger, honey, lemon, goldenseal, ephedra, cinnamon, Echinacea and peppermint relieves you from cold symptoms like sore throat, nasal congestion, coughing, sinus pain and body ache. The herbal tea exhibits anti-inflammatory property along with antiviral property.

Helps in weight loss

Herbal tea containing cinnamon, green tea, ephedra, garlic or hawthorn improves blood circulation and cuts cholesterol level, burns excess fats and reduces your weight.

Healthy sleep

Herbal tea like lime blossom, valerian, St. John’s wort and chamomile cures insomnia, gives relaxation to nervous system. Herbal tea also strengthens bones and ligaments.

Tendon Tea

Tendon tea strengthens ligaments and tendons. The tea relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation. In addition, the tea helps in resisting sprains and tears. It also relieves you from soreness and aches. The Tendon tea helps in stretching stiff bodies and getting body back in proper shape.

Penetrating Bone Tea

This herbal tea strengthens bones. This helps to deliver powerful blows and resisting attacks from opponents during combat session. This product is suggested for practitioners of toughening techniques. Penetrating bone tea is a powerful formulation and it is advisable to take only once in every three days during two weeks of combat sessions.

Take early preventive measures with herbal tea if you suffer from any health disorders. Herbal Tea is safe for use, as it has no side effects like some allopathic drugs.

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